Urban Planning & Development


Work-Site Partners

  • Central City Renaissance Alliance

CCRA is a neighborhood organization devoted to the revitalization and transformation of the Central City community by employing community education, community economic development, leadership development and advocacy.  We've formed a partnership that allows our corpsmembers to participate in their SNAP II Project (Student Neighborhood Area Planners), which began September 22, 2008.  Our second cycle participants surveyed all of Central City, recording property status information on every lot.  At the end of the cycle, our participants engaged in community conversations with H3 Studio (a development group from Missouri) regarding future plans for the area.  As the SNAP II project continues, our participants will go to city hall to learn how to research title information and speak directly to the community about development issues.

  • Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope and the University of New Orleans partnered with us to conduct a property survey of the Lakeview and Gentilly neighborhoods. The information collected will be sent to the City's Department of Recovery to provide the city with much needed census and property data.

  • Neighborhood Housing Services

We partnered with Neighborhood Housing Services to conduct property surveys of Uptown and Central City. They?ve also provided our corpsmembers team-building and anger-management training.

  • Citizens' Participation Project
  • CubaNOLA!

Potential Jobs & Placements

  • University of New Orleans - Department of Planning and Urban Studies

With a range of programs from the undergraduate program in urban studies to the masters in urban studies and masters in planning to the advanced level of the urban studies PhD program, PLUS provides comprehensive training to prepare students for careers in urban studies.

  • US Census Bureau
  • GIS Technician

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